‘Allow me to REintroduce myself my name is…’

Tinie! T to the I N…Ok enough of that!

Its your boy Tinie Tempah aka the Sexy Beast from the South East.  If Your eyes are unfamiliar with these names I’m a 20 year old Fresh & Exciting Independent Musician from London in the big U.K with a lot 2 say and one hell of an imagination!

This is Me

Me & Alex Zane

This is Me Again!


This is the studio I record at. Its in Greenwich & its Lovely!


With This Guy Called Richie Montana…Hes weird but So Sick @ what he does its Unbelievable!


My Music Is Fresh & Exciting, I honestly believe there is nobody who writes the way i do or duz what I duz da way i duz it ya Dig!? Feel free 2 visit and add me on any or all of the extended links over there ————–>

Its 2009 and everybody has a blog now ..? Who the hell cares!? This is MY BLOG & ima come on here as much as a possibly can for you lot & show u whats going down in my world on my way to the top…Oh and update you with the latest gossip, news, fashion and all that other bloggy stuff.  

 The Last Video I left the world with was TEARS which is produced by a G called Davinche and features a lovely lil future star Cleo Sol. Its on iTunes Now so support the cause!

Check out my YouTube page for all the Others!

09’s looking 2 be a real exciting 1 for me so follow me on my journey.. (At work when your boss aint lookin, during ur IT lesson, at home, on the go,) Cos I SWEAR U wont wanna miss this!

Sayonara Suckers!


2 Responses to “‘Allow me to REintroduce myself my name is…’”

  1. 1 alexdecmar March 5, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Tinie, I tried sending an e-mail to your myspace, I have a blog that should get 10,000 hits a year and another potential blog receiving 700,000 visitors so far. I was hoping to get in contact with you, let me know if your interested. alex_decmar@hotmail.com
    Thanks Tinie

  2. 2 Louise December 24, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    I saw you today, drop me an email and i’ll explain lool
    you might remember me 🙂
    Louu ❤

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