This Weeks Recap (New York City Trip)

As some of you may know I was in N.Y.C for the latter part of last week & the majority of this week.

Since I got back this is the only real time I’ve had to post a blog on my trip so here it finally is from start to finish!

'Im Fly, there in the Terminal for Departures'

Gate Number Moved!!

I really fucking hate queing you know that!?

I HATE Queing

They ACTUALLY had Family Guy on the Plane!!!

They actually had Family Guy on the Plane!..I dont think you will ever know how happy I was! I should have filmed the expression of joy on my face!

Mile High Club!? Pass! All I need in this life of me and my Camcorder!

Cameras in front of your face mate…Nice move!


Str8 to the Hotel NOW Please!!

Off to the Hotel We Go

And WHAT a meal it was! Duck with Wild Rice & Wild Fruit & Nuts!

What a meal it was!!

This is me when I saw the bill $500 and a Tip on top!!! We should have went MC Dees!

My Recation when I saw the bill

Dunno what MR Who is so happy about its CREDIT CRUNCH season fam! 


Started off the day with a nice reasonable priced American style breakfast.

American Style Breakfast

Did abit of Shopping.


Shop Assistants said they loved U.K Rap! Especially feelin  ‘BIG MONEY ft Wretch 32 & G-FSH which is on my new mixtape!

Went Out that Night at a spot called MANSION…which is guess is the equivilent to a bouji West End club out here.

Me & RLS!

Met the 1 and Only Ryan Leslie. Real recognise real he knows how the London boys get down.

Day 3

Whilst shooting the Video we  bumped into these CRAZY American Girls who went WILD over the accent!!!

Would you like a pot of  Tea?

Day 4

More filming. If you wanna see all the ins & outs visit

This was pretty cool thoe!

Met these guys on the way to Brooklyn. I tried to bring out some change from my pocket & a 100 dollar bill slipped out!

Listen to the way I say ‘NO’ when he goes ‘That’ll do’! I sounded fuckin scared!

Well I have heard some stories…

Went out again l8r that evening, this time to a place called ‘Home’

Riding in style is an absolute necessity!

Day 5

Time to leave & I feel like a whole different person almost.

New York! New York!

I now totally understand how New York gave birth to so many G’s! (B.I.G, Jay Z, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Chris Rock, Jim Jones, P Diddy) to name a few. You get a real culture shock when your out there. So many autonomous individuals. No dilly Dallying about.  Its a different world out there & I would recommend anyone who hasnt been out there to book a flight tomorrow!!

Spidermans got a new sidekick

Oh Yeh……Spidey has a new SideKick!

Now off 2 save the world!!!!



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