Eminem…Your album is..W.e.i.r.d!

So I went up in HMV Ninja Style & Purchased me a copy of Eminems new album ‘Relapse’ to bump on the way to High Wyncombe (To pick up bandmates ‘All about she‘) for my 48 HOUR studio marathon (I’m Still in there NOW!) 


All the right elements are in this album to satistfy your usual Eminem fan!

However its clear he i’snt to concerned about pleasing the majority (complex rhyming schemes & double rhymes that only the eminem fan or in some extreme cases Wretch 32 can understand!)

I’m guessing Em totally believes that the usual eminem fan has grown up since his last album and is now over 18 because not sounding like an old grumpy..This album is NOT suitable for Young Kids!

By the Time I got to track 14 the album had been turned down from full blast and was now serving as ambient sound for my Managers phone conversations.

Turned it back Up for ‘BEAUTIFUL’ which is one of my favourite tracks on there…but then right back again!

The skits are amazing and theatrical but then how many times can you really listen to them!

I guess what I’m trying to say is I dont really like the album as a big Em fan its hard!

Sorry Em!

Your still one of the best by Farrrrrr!

But it was all too much for me! I think my CD players gona see other rappers for a while….


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