Was Michael Jackson officially the last Musical Superstar?


I was in rehearsals for the Wireless Festival when I heard the shocking news of Michael Jackson’s death… and I think i will rememeber my whereabouts on that day for the rest of my life.

This is the impact that someone who affected and influenced generations, and generations to come has when such a tragedy occurs.

This is the impact a ‘Superstar’ has.

Weeks later and Im still reading through the filed newspaper which are in the same folder as the Obama election the Queen Mothers Death etc. I read a headline saying ‘GOODBYE TO THE LAST SUPERSTAR’

That really got me thinking.  Just what is a superstar? what made Michael Jackson Superstar? Was it the era in which he emerged? Was it the things he did?  The Music, The Dancing, The Amazing Shows, the optical Illusions, the heiracy of worldwide affiliations, the skin change, bubbles, neverland ranch?

Then I started to think about whether this level of ‘Superstar’ could be created again and whether some of our favourite new age musicians are trying to recreate that as we speak. Take a look at Jay Z, MIA, 50 Cent, Rhianna, Beyonce, Kanye West……Kanye West! He is trying to influence fashion, change the social expectations of music and how it is ‘supposed’ to sound! He performed with naked women who remained perfectly still for at least an hour at his wireless performance….that’s art!


And so if people like Kanye West are trying to recreate that level of superstardom whats to prevent them? The slump of record sales, the increased level of interaction between the artist and the fans. If you could have followed Michael Jackson on Twitter for a 3rd of his career would he still be the same superstar?

What about the U.K artists flourishing at the moment? Is there a superstar amongst any of them? Do Major record labels even want to create something so powerful and influential again?

All I know is that anything is possible. The things that touched people about Michael the most was his Music and the vast catalogue of POWERFUL & MEANINGFUL music that was capable of breaking down barriers.

His Performance M.J connected with his fans in a way I’ve seen no other! He gave his performances 100% every time and always thought of new and inventive ways for switch it up and keep it fresh to the point that it was normal for people to FAINT!

Did you know that Michael Jackson and two of his costume designers obtained a US patent (US5255452) in 1993 on “Methods and Means for Creating Anti Gravity Illusion”.  The invention outlines how a special pair of shoes attaches to a stage to allow leaning forward beyond the centre of gravity of the wearer of the shoes. The heel of the dancers’ shoes featured a triangular cut out that could be hitched onto the peg, anchoring the dancers to lean much farther forward, and thus blowing the world’s collective mind.



His Personailty.. I genuinely could feel the love Michael Jackson had for each of his fans, he wasnt snobbish or arrogant when some would argue he of everybody had the most right to be.

The level of mystery surrounding Michael Jackson this also added to making M.J a brand and which is what I feel adds to that ‘Star Quality’  


With all this said I think it would be a big shame if there were no musical superstars from this generation and there for there has to be! Every artist should strive to create and perfect that ‘Superstar’ and that is what will keep the level and quality of music that you see on your T.V’s (Or Monitors) and hear on your radio great. Somewhere there is a Michael Jackson in every musician and I think its only standard to go as hard a he did!


Lemme know your thoughts because it worries me to think the world believes the ‘Superstar’ died when Michael did.

Do you think there are potential superstars on the rise? If so who? and What do you think it takes to be a superstar? Can it be done again?


8 Responses to “Was Michael Jackson officially the last Musical Superstar?”

  1. 1 Luca July 15, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    Firstly, a very impressive read. Obviously a lot of effort went in to this article.

    In response to your questions, has the ‘superstar’ died with MJ? I think it hasn’t died as such, but the interpretation of the word in popular music will always be represented with MJ.

    The modern superstar has a lot more to achieve to begin great nowadays than 20 years ago. What MJ did was achieve the impossible and inspire millions with emotion through his music and through his lifestyle.

    The ‘superstar’ will always live on, the standard has been set and the artists you listed have earned the title ‘superstar’ through their accomplishments.

    Someone like MJ was a lot more than a mere superstar within popular music, as he was a symbol for hope and faith to the world as an icon of breaking through the impossible using inner belief and natural talent. That is why no-one can replace a Michael Jackson.

    Great post Tinie.

    When you get a chance check out my blog http://iamluca.co.uk and some of the MJ tribute posts i wrote.



  2. 2 Defiance July 15, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    I agree i think he was the last superstar, bands who are “superstars: etc might still be around but not one person has ever achieved what he did! In terms of the record lable business u mentioned, i dont think they will ever put the ammount of money into an artist as they did in Michael’s case so i feel there will never be another superstar like him again to that level anyway!!

  3. 3 KAM July 16, 2009 at 4:55 am

    This is weird you posted this today, cause i said to someone today michael jacksons death has only just hit me. I only just realised how big he was, how excited we all used to get when we was little kids even when he was on tv, i played the thriller video game. he was amazing, he may be the last superstar but he was THE BIGGEST SUPERSTAR EVER. all over the world he had an impact. i think today, KANYE WEST is the biggest superstar in the whole of the msuic industry, but he will never get as big as MJ was/is. maybe in the next 100 years there’ll be someone like MJ

  4. 4 Stanley July 16, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Hold tight your blog, come like a guardian writer.. but definitely contemplated on this ‘superstar’ subject as well, there’s so many factors.. but it’s definitely possible again.. Michael was one of the very greats.

  5. 5 ? July 17, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    i think Micahael Jackson is the only superstar the world had… when you can make your music relveant to EVERY genre/ EVERY race/ EVERY age group and you become a brand that every single perosn in the world knows as well as coke u have reached that sort of fame.

    your a superstar when you can physically make people cry and PASS OUT at a concert with no physical contact between him and the audience.

    alot of people call him the king of pop but for me he was like the personfication of music like he asked darkchild why we cudnt makle a new instrument instead of relying on all the instruments we already have.. u have to have some sort of connection to music to even contemplate a notion like that.

    but with that level of fame it gets on top like the rubbish came out about child molestation becuase people really didnt understand him… he had a different childhood if not any childhood and dat had a proper effect on the rest of his life. doing what he accused us for us would be justified with condemnation but mj was naive and reli cudnt c how wat he did could be seen as sick/dark/evil. if he was given a childhood he wud of acted liek more of an adult its like when he dangled his kid it was dat he wanted to kill him it was becuase he was acting like a kid when kids do dat seriously random stupid thing in excitement. like he thought by putting masks on his kids he would hide them form the media which too us is weird because we are adults but for him he’s stilla child so he thought that would hide/protect them.

    Michael Jackson is the king full stop

  6. 6 Shirley July 17, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    i feel he was, when i heard the worst news in the world, it felt like the world was empty,i suddenly felt like i was alone even though i was never near him,i love him and he was massive inspiration, it’s what makes you differnet that makes you stand out from the rest… he was the best, im not really sure if theres any other bests in the world today… his greatness wass soo amazing that noone can come near his success,they ca try but nahh i dont think so.. I am tooooo blessed to be brought up around his music and to be born around the age he was producing and living, it hurts and it’s sad, because it a MASSSIVVE shock, but yes i think he was the last greatest entertainer, artist,superstar,icon,legend,king of pop culture… he will be remembered but never forgotten x

  7. 8 costech October 8, 2009 at 11:19 am

    great article. And in my opinion, yes, Michael Jackson was the last musical superstar. he has and will continue to influence musicians and artists from across the world. he was so unique and so different from anyone else. he has created ‘firsts’ at so many levels, musically, artitically, dance and entertainement wise. i doubt we will see another superstar of that magnitude. There will ofcourse be many talented musicians and artists in the years to come, but that one superstar will be only MJ.


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