Mclean (Digga)- Broken (Official Video)


Mclean (formerly known as Digga) gives the U.K his first offering.

This is an absolute smash and will do big things for Mclean!


1 Response to “Mclean (Digga)- Broken (Official Video)”

  1. 1 lostman December 13, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    When I hear this song, i wanna die, because, i love a girl, she said she love me, she need me, she wanna stay with me and she can’t live without me, but all that.. are fake.. my heart.. is dead.. i can’t live without that girl, she is all what I need.. and I die at this moment when I hear this song, because, thats 100% emotion and love.. Mclean is the best.. R’n B singer of the world!I feel his pain at this song! he sing with love and emotion.. thank you man.. I wanna be dead.. the pain in my heart is too big.. i can’t live without her..I m broken

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