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My 2nd Home…..


Lil Wayne- I Wish I could F**K Every Girl in The World

Big Tune!!

I think if they cleaned it up a bit e.g (LOVE as Opposed 2 F**K)

This could be a BIG single!

Big up Drake who stands out the most on this for me!

What we do when we’re not workin!!

Big up everyone @ Crystal last night!!

Princess *Frontline* Launch Party

Road Block Affair!

Big up everyone who attended. Jammer, Frisco, Giggs, Donaeo, Coldstepps, Mr Play, Rwd Mag, Sk Vybemakers, everrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyone man!!!

Check out Princess’s ‘Party Hard’ P.A with Donaaaaaeeeeeeeo Donaaaaaaaaaaa-eeeee-ooooooo! 

Oh Oh and her Frontline P.A with Coldsteps!!

Big up Princess Nyah

Frontline out 02.03.09

Buy it!

Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain Blame it (Official Video)

Jamies brought all the A-Listers out to play on this one!!

This was MASSIVE in the U.S when i was out there.

I think it’s gone get even bigger!!

All American Rejects- Gives You Hell (Official Video)

Am I weird for absolutely LOVING this tune!?

Tell me.

Exclusive! Tinie Tempah meets Flo Rida! (Full Interview)

Watch the FULL Interview BELOW:

I was in West End. I tried 2 pay for an extra hour on my car and ended up paying for NINE!!

(I fuckin hate dem Pay by Phone things!!)

So I decided to do a bit of shopping…..

I arrived at this big colossal building called ‘The Town of Nike’


And fell In Love.

Oooh Ooh!

Choong Ting!!

Check the way I say ‘Yeah that’s them!’

… he could ever bring the wrong pair!!

and and and…‘Yeah I wanna try them on’ Lol! You can tell I was feinding!

Any way there mine now!

Not Yours.