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Mz Bratt ft Sadie Ama- I like You (Official Video)


Cameos from Griminal, Tulisa, Ny, Tim & Barry + More!


Reece Robertson- Kiss Me (Official Video)


Mclean (Digga)- Broken (Official Video)


Mclean (formerly known as Digga) gives the U.K his first offering.

This is an absolute smash and will do big things for Mclean!

London week of Peace, Trafalgar Sq (VIDEO)


In case you missed the event…

Big all the other artists who absolutely smashed it to bits: The Thirst, Princess Niyah, Master Shortie, Sway, Donaeo, Egypt & Ironik!

Seriously considering this Hair Cut..


What do you think?

Bashy- Life (Official Video)


Tinie Tempah wants to Sign his Record Deal @ Your House!!


Over the past month there have been numerous rumours surrounding my situation with the major Record Labels,

As you may know I have been doing music independently up untill this point. All the Music Videos, Tracks and Shows you saw was done off our own backs.

I am now at a stage in my career where I need to take it to the NEXT level & I belive with a Major record label behind me this will be alot easier to achieve.

I have been approached by many if not all of the Majors & I have made my decision on who I would like to sign with and ..

I would like to sign that contract in front of My No.1 fan this week (beginning 28th Sept) & film it for the world to see.

If you feel you are myNO. 1 and feel I should sign my first EVER major record deal in Your house I wanna know why.

All you have to do is email me  (at TINIE@DLRECORDS.COM) a recorded YouTube Video clip OR a message with your Name, Age, Location & Photo attached telling me why you are my NO.1 Fan & Why I should sign my Record deal in Your House.

The competition of this historic moment for myself, my family, my team & my supporters closes on WEDNESDAY 30TH SEPT @ 6pm GMT

See you on Monday…Hopefully

Tinie 😉