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How to Unwind after your 9-5! *Must See*

Wether it be School, College, work or Uni!

I think we’ve found your solution!

I came in the studio this morning, switched on the mac and was welcomed with this pleasant surprise!

This is what happens when you work in a studio with nutters!! (Rob D’Riche)

If this is the first time your hearing of Rob he is the GENIUS behind ‘BIKER BABE’, The intro to HOOD ECONOMICS ROOM 147 & the policeman in SUPERNOVA and I’m just talkin about the things his done for me!

He is definately one of the U.K’s future stars/personalities/Public Figures.

Rob’D Riche we salut you!!!

Bashy finally Shaves of his Beard!!!

So you know what that meannnnnnnnnnnnnns!!!!!?

‘CATCH ME IF YOU CAN’ is finished & will be out soon!

Big up Bashy BIG TIME.

One of the only bredders in the seen with enough dedication & determination to do this!

Yeaaaaaaah I said it!

Young Nate- I Wonder (Official Video)

If theres ANY justice in the world. Young Nate/Soundbwoy Ent WILL have a TOP 10 with this one!

Starring some of Britians finest talent & big cameos from G-Frsh, Richard Blackwood, Kayne Rose & Soundbwoy HIMSELF!!

This is a sure hit!

OUT MAY11th Get on iTunes & Get this Tune where he deserves!

Once again check out Young Nate performing LIVE @ a gig we did together! Just so u know this is REAL NATURAL 100% TALENT!

The U.K’s Future stars have officially arrived!

A (satur)DAY in the life of Tinie Tempah..

Tinie Tempah gets Blackberried up!!

Everyones got one now. Literally everyone. So I had to creep of early this morning to a hidden location in England & get connected!

Note: Check the mad directions this bredder tries to give man! He CLEARLY wanted me 2 get lost!

What happens when Tinie Tempah performs @ an ALL GIRLS School!

Erm Police Barriers..I dunno what 2 Say?  It’s the aftershave.

Dat was live! 2 live. They had a good time which is always the most important thing. Sexy Beast Vol.1 was distributed well…Off to Hastings!

Gig2 + Road Trip: Hastings

Right me, Scratch & Dum have agreed never let Lloyd near your girl! It’s Risky!!

Rah, Went for a leak & bumped into the Scarlet Harlots who you might remember from Road to V it’s imperitive you check them out @ look out for sum big collabos soon!

Once again show went well and resulted in:


I expect to be tagged in EVERY PHOTO please!

Hmm.. I should start doing this segment of the blog more often! So u can see whats really going on in the U.K!!

Get @ Me!

Eoghan Quigg-28,000 Friends (Official Video)

Ok, I’m not gona lie..I watched X factor…Hard.

My money was on Diana but never the less, I was over the moon when Miss Burke took it!

Lemme not digress though, check out EE-OG-HANS debut single ‘28,000 Friends’ on Sony BMG (Simon basically still signed him anyway):

If you ask me…I think this is mad cheesy! like ridiculously cheesy. Its evident which target audience they’ve tried to target and by doing so have cut out some of Eoghans core fan base which were lovely old ladies who drink Tea all day.

Im disapointed and kinda angry at his label for making him sing a song about Myspace, Facebook and Youtube and honestly feels that when he gets older he will regret this.

What happend 2 timeless music…. know labels just wana milk an artist for a quick buck.

I maybe wrong though..I’m just a dude with an opinon.

What do u think?

A (fri)Day in the life….

Right! Cut all the boring driving around & meetings etc..no1 wants to see that!

I’ve basically ran around so much 2day that the time I set aside for myself to go home & freshen up after my trim has passed!!

I arrived @ Stratford Circus (on time 😉 ) & caught a LIVE performance of YOUNG NATES ‘I Wonder’ which I’ve been dying to see! Watch him smash it up!

Ok, so now its time for me to come out! The crowd don’t that I’m even sposed to be there..the reaction is DEAFENING *Cover your ears!*

Earlier on in the day a package was from New York arrived @ the Studio for me. 

Opening it up after a great gig and seeing FRESH TEES from brand new upcomming designers AGIO is like icing on the cake! You can NEVER have enough clothes!

Big up Urban Development, Young Nate, Scratcha, Street Symphony, Dele (Barber) & AGIO for the roles they played in my day!

Make sure you check out the AGIO stuff ima get back to you with a website!

Young Nate- I wonder video out soon make sure you support that to!

& my video of I’m Hot ft M.I.A shud be out from next wednesday. You know where 2 find it!!

Kanye West confirmed for Wireless gig!!


Yes sir! Its official!!

The big man Kanye West will be headline this years WIRELESS Festival finale on Sunday the 5th of July @ Hyde Park!

Tickets go on sale @ 9am!!

See you there!

Girls Aloud- Untouchable (Official Video)

Gwarn Girls!

What do you think!?

Tinie Tempah & Darren B @ Rock the party, Southend!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Big up Darren B, ClubDTV, Fugitive!

Sold Out event!


Wooh I gaats 2 get me some of theese!

SKYWALKER & WRETROBOYS in all good clothing stores now!

I need suttin in a medium to go with my purple ‘BLOGIN CREPS’




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